Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tundra Wilderness Tour -Part 2

On our wilderness tour we encountered wide variety of animals and spectacular vistas...
We saw:
Ground squirrels
White Snow Hares
Caribou (herds and solo bulls)
Grizzly bears
Dall's sheep

And even some humanus bearfoodis (hikers)
And even some cyclists (meals on wheels for bears)

At one point on the road overlooking a huge, huge river bed, we saw a hiker walking toward a mother bear and her cubs. Momma bear saw him and started towards him with her warning attack. Finally the hiker saw her and stopped dead still. It was a standoff. I guess the mother bear decided that the hiker wasn't going to be her next meal because, although keeping an eye on the nonmoving hiker, she went back to eating berries. The hiker was taking no chances though. He walked backwards, still facing the bear and slowly backed away. When she returned to her cubs, he turned around and slowly walked the other way. And through all of this drama, the cubs played.

The road in Denali was incredible. It is almost impossible to describe the mountains, the many, many different colors, the many shapes, sizes and the many different places to constantly look at. The view was always changing, as was the weather.

Mostly it was cloudy, sometimes misty and sometimes raining. Unfortunately, the clouds never lifted enough for us to see Mt. McKinley or as the natives say, the mountain! Maybe tomorrow.

In Denali, it is already turning fall... a number of the trees have started to turn and it is only mid-august.

Oh, and the road. If you are afraid of heights, don't take this trip! Sometimes we were looking down a steep, very high ledge with nothing between the bus and a fall but one foot of gravelly road!

Link to our photos:
Alaska Tundra Wilderness Tour - Denali

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