Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Road to Denali

We took a motor coach from Anchorage to Denali on Wednesday, August 18th. It was a short ride of six hours, exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday. The driver was a retired high school music teacher and quite entertaining. Between his informative messages he played some quiet music.

All along the route were mountains after mountains.

Punctuated by road construction, they have some mammoth ice heaves with the road built over permafrost.

And line-striping...

Every mile the mountains were more grand than the mile before...

Finally, about 7:00 PM we arrived at the Denali Bluffs Hotel.

We had a great salmon dinner at the Salmon Bake.

A great end to a wonderful day!

Link to our photos:
Anchorage to Denali

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  1. M&M.............Fabulous disdplay of pics! It makes us want to go back and see the things we missed. Wasn't riding on that small plane and landing on the water breathtaking?!
    Carolyn & Sal