Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road to the Norwegian Pearl

Today was a travel day, moving from the interior of Alaska, which we hardly touched, to Seattle to pick up our ship for the coastline leg of our journey.

We made this transition with three other couples who shared the Denali experience and will be with us on the Pearl. Armond and Madeline from Boston, Bob and Gail from Baton Rouge and Jeff and Rosalyn from Long Island. We are planning a "Denali Wilderness Tundra Reunion" for sometime on the ship.

It was hard to leave Anchorage but all that is still planned made it a little easier.

We flew Air Alaska to Seattle from Anchorage.

There were fluffy clouds in the sky.

Seattle is in view with rays of sun coming through the clouds.

Seattle from the sky.

After some dinner we're off to bed, to be ready to board our ship, the Pearl tomorrow.

Link to our photos:
Seattle Stopover

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