Friday, August 27, 2010

Mendenhall Glacier

August 24, 2010; immediately after the whale watch we took a bus to the Mendenhall glacier.

The Mendenhall Glacier was incredible. We were able to walk down a path until we were perhaps 100 yards from the front edge of the glacier.

There were icebergs in the water that calved (fallen) from the leading edge of the glacier.

The sockeye salmon were spawning and one of their protections is that they blend very well with the stones in the stream bed. We watched this one rest and then make a dash up to the next level of this flowing stream.

The bus that we rode in has been in service since 1971, the same year we got married. Once a bus or piece of equipment reaches the island, they try to keep it running forever. The only routes to Juneau are boat or air.

Enough fun for one day, we returned to the ship for food and rest...and more adventure tomorrow.

Link to our photos:
Alaska-Juneau-Mendenhall Glacier

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