Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cast off for Alaska!

Our brief return to the lower 48 lasted only one day. On the move to Alaska again, we set sail through Alaska's inner passage leading to our first port of call at Juneau. The day was busy with Mass at 8:00 AM at St. James' Cathedral. The music was outstanding, the homily excellent and the liturgy a real joy.

The hills in Seattle were a little bit of a surprise. We had to walk only a half mile to Church but it was uphill all of the way there. Well at least two of the three blocks was uphill.

We had time for breakfast and a short wait before the shuttle bus picked us up for the ship. While we were about other things NCL picked up our luggage from our rooms in preparation for delivering it to our stateroom. It was rather easy, put on a tag and forget about it for a few hours. Meanwhile we waited for a shuttle. Waiting with us were the friends we made on the Tundra Wilderness Tour...

The Pearl is huge! 93,000 tons. Much bigger than the last ship we sailed on and very impressive sitting at the pier.

not to be confused with Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl

We were greeted and boarded rather quickly despite the large number of people that are sailing with us.

Seattle from the ship was equally impressive. The sun was shining on the space needle and the day was beautiful. Another good day... we have been really blessed with great weather.

So, we are underway and probably without cell service for a couple of days. When we get a signal, we will connect and upload more.

From the balcony of our stateroom, Michael and Mary Frances...

Location:Port of Seattle, WA

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  1. hey there, had lots of fun with ya'll.

    loved your pictures, wish we could have achieved the upclose images that you did, all of them are amazing.

    Watch out for Hurricane Earl, I see it heading your way.

    Be safe

    Gayle & Bob Cothell