Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alaska Railroad - Denali Star from the park to Anchorage

The engine that pulled into the Denali Depot ready to take us on an 8 hour trip back to Anchorage. All aboard!

As we rumbled down the track, we explored the train. There was a dining car and best of all a domed car that let us see all the Alaska sky, mountains, some of the 3 million lakes and beautiful tree covered forests.

When we left the station in Denali it was cold and very cloudy, but as we went on it got brighter and brighter. And what a blessing, we got to see Mount McKinley in ALL her glory. The pictures we snapped (and a lot of them!!!!) do not do justice to the size of her, nor the beauty. She forms her own clouds and weather systems and we were so lucky to see her. The locals said they hadn't seen her in two months.

What a thrill!!

When we got back to the hotel, we were greeted with the sun setting on the streets of Anchorage and on the mountains and a RAINBOW! Wow what a day!

Link to our photos:
Alaska Railroad - The Denali Star

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